Meet Dr. Stan Heinrichs

I enjoy all aspects of dentistry and over the years have gained experience that meet the needs of the whole family. My interest in Dentistry started in my teens when my parents took us on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic. I have come a long way from holding a flashlight under a palm tree for the Dentist to running a fully digital and computerized office here in Port Moody.

I graduated from the University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry and over the years through a priority of continuing education, have gained knowledge in a wide range of dental services and up to date materials.

My time away from the office is spent with family and my dog. I love the outdoors so hiking, mountain biking and skiing are a big part of how I spend my time.

How important is patient education in your opinion?

I feel patient education is very important. My hygienists and CDAs spend a lot of time talking to patients about their oral health during their appointments. They are shown directly where there are specific concerns and are given cleaning aids where necessary.

How would patients describe a consultation with you?

After a consultation, patients usually say that I was thorough and answered all their questions. I do my best to provide patients with options and choices and give them a cost for each choice. I do not give them the hard sell. I try to build up trust with my patients and develop a relationship so when treatment is recommended the patients trust me and the treatment plan.

How do you involve patients in their procedures?

Once treatment is recommended patients are involved by choosing between various treatment options, colour and/or materials. Patients are given a hand mirror before cementation of a crown for example so they can see the result directly – before it becomes permanent. Patients feel they are part of the process when they can see in their mouth and accept the treatment as it is on going.

What qualities make a dentist successful?

I feel I am successful as a dentist because I am honest and upfront with my patients. I put their needs before my own. I treat each patient as if they were my wife or child. I try to be gentle during treatment and often get feedback about being gentle and having a soft touch. Patients will not know about the technical part of a crown or root canal but they will remember if you hurt them.

In what ways is dentistry like art?

A huge part of dentistry is artistic. Sculpting composite fillings or free hand veneers is all art and style. The artistic part of dentistry especially the front teeth, is what gives the patient a beautiful smile. Again patients won’t know about the bond strength or what composite you used, but when they look in the mirror they want to look good. That is the art side of dentistry. As people get older and are retaining their teeth longer, this becomes becomes more and more important.

What characteristics comprise a beautiful smile?

What makes up a beautiful smile can be very technically complicated but also simple at the same time. At courses they can talk all day about measurements of this and that, but in my office at the end of the day, what makes a beautiful smile is a happy satisfied patient. The patient is the one who ultimately determines what looks good. They have to look in the mirror everyday and be happy with how their teeth look. We do our best to make that happen.

What do you like most about your job?

When I go home at the end of the day what makes me happy is – did I make a patient feel better about themselves today? If I can answer yes, then I had a good day.